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Labyrinth program at St. Luke's

Path Adventures

What is a labyrinth?

St Luke’s has one of the few permanent indoor labyrinths in the Ottawa region. This tool for walking meditation and reflection is installed in the newly renovated church.

On the first Friday of the month from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., the chairs will be removed for those wishing to participate in guided labyrinth walks hosted by Path Adventures, Grace Amirault, Debbie Camelin and Susan Kehoe.

Each month a different theme will be presented to open the evening and guide the walk. Musical accompaniment will enhance our labyrinth walking on selected evenings as per the availability of invited musicians. Dates and themes are listed below.

Date Theme
September 8, 2017
October 6, 2017
November 3, 2017
December 1, 2017
February 2, 2018
March 2, 2018
April 6, 2018
May 4, 2018
June 1, 2018
World Labyrinth Day

No previous experience with the labyrinth is required. Tea and conversation follow each session. The suggested donation is $10-$20, and these funds go towards the upkeep of the labyrinth and the ongoing support of St. Luke’s Parish. For those who may find paying the fee difficult, we welcome you…please do not let that prevent you from joining.

Join us using the Bell Street door entrance. For more information, please contact Grace at Path Adventures: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website at

Path Adventures:

We are three creative women on a path offering opportunities for individuals to connect with their spirituality through walking the labyrinth, art journaling, poetry writing, mindfulness and contemplative retreats. Walk the path and Live the journey with us. For more information, please visit our website at

What is a Labyrinth?

Labyrinth is a Greek word that means path. A labyrinth is unicursal -- that means it is a single path that goes into the centre and comes out the same way. It is also a symbol for life's twisting journey through all the puzzling decisions we face. The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool that is thousands of years old. What is distinct about walking the labyrinth is that it places the walker in the present moment. The gentle movement of placing one foot in front of the other allows the walker to become aware of what is happening in his/her life in this particular moment. The experience may manifest as a thought, idea, feeling, joy, memory or simply, a pause. The labyrinth is meant to calm and quiet the mind. The four stages of walking the labyrinth are: Remember: Before entering the labyrinth, remember what it was that brought you to the labyrinth. Release: As you walk into the labyrinth, let go of distractions. This is a time to allow the mind to quiet. Receive: As you reach the centre, this is a time for peacefulness. Return: Reconnect with the world. This is a time for reflection on what occurred during your walk, and how it can be applied in your life.




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